Terms and Conditions

Legal Notice: AAS or Anabolic Androgenic Steroids are legal to possess in some countries for personal use without prescription however, it is up to the consumer to ensure that they are compliant with the laws applicable to them in their country of residence. If you choose not to obey the laws in your country of residence as well as our own clearly displayed terms and conditions then you are breaking the law and our terms by ordering our products. H2 LABS, H2 LABS International, H2 LABS Team and their proprietors do not accept any responsibility for any laws being broken by the shipping of any of our products to you because you ordered from us fradudently. We are here to supply clients who order our products legally and it is up to the consumer to obey the laws of their country, we accept no responsibility for illegal supply or possession of our products. We do not intentionally ship our products illegally.
In the UK, steroids are covered under the Misuse of Drugs Act and are classed as a Class C substance and it's legal to posses steroids as long as they are for personal use.

Payment & Shipping:
We ship all orders within 1-4 days of funds being verified and picked up provided your item is in stock. We do not ship on weekends or holidays. Please allow 1-4 days to process your payment (excluding weekends). You must provide the full details required to pay for your order and also to collect your payment, being also able to send on proof of payment sent by means of a scanned copy of the transaction if so required before your order will be shipped. Once the payment and it's collected we'll let you know immediately once your order is being processed. This usually takes 1-4 days at the most and the order will be on it's way to you and the details passed on to you during this period.

Delivery times and shipping costs will vary based on the method of shipment you choose, for more details visit our order and delivery page. We are able to ship from various countries doing so at our sole discression and we won’t be answering questions about where a package will come from as this is all part of our security policy. To find out more about our delivery costs please visit our orders page. Please note that we are not responsible for any mistakes or errors made by the customer if payment details or the delivery address and associated details are not correct. This includes order changes of any kind that aren't received by us on time to amend. We try and have your products shipped domestically whichever country you reside, if it is sent outside your country then we currently do not have a reseller there. Express comes with tracking number. Standard only has proof of shipping. For more information please read the reshipping section.

Re-Shipping Policy
In the unlikely event that a package is intercepted, we will reship a seized order provided you have a copy of the seizure letter to show us. If you receive a seizure letter, please contact us immediately with a scanned copy, pictures and details of the seizure, along with a new address to have your order reshipped to, and we will take care of this free of charge. 

Remember that if you choose to ship your package by standard shipping or any cheaper method without tracking -that means your package isn't able to be tracked with a tracking number and as you can expect, we can't offer any support or guarantee of where your package resides at any time. All we can do is show you is our proof of shipping your package. Also note that if a package has been sent by standard shipping [without tracking number] and a customer claims not to have received it, we will not re-ship. We also will not reship if your package has been shipped to the wrong address, if you used a false or incorrect address when the error is not on our part. or you broke a serious rule of our terms and conditions. We only ship to the details that you provide. Averge success rate is 98%.

We will not reship any orders that were sent by standard shipping in the event you do not recieve your package.
We will reship an order (once), if it was intercepted provided you chose express shipping with tracking.

We have 100% customer satisfaction from long term clients all over the world.
Clients can order from us with confidence and trust and tend to stay with us indefinitely.

Terms of use
H2 LABS Team is governed by terms and conditions listed above and below this page. These terms and conditions are simple and fair of which sole purpose is designed to protect both the customer and the business. By choosing to contact us, posing or appearing as a customer and also but not limited to purchasing products on this website you form a legal binding contract and agree to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before contacting us and/or placing an order. H2 LABS Team reserves the right to modify or make changes to these terms and conditions at any time so please read prior to submitting an order. Firstly, if you don't agree to these or any of the above or below terms and conditions then please leave this site now. Failure to obey and abide by our terms and conditions will deem the person(s) liable for damages being awarded to the proprietaries of the entity known as H2 LABS, H2 LABS Team AND H2 LABS INTERNATIONAL by a court of law in any country. The breaking of any of our terms and conditions by any individual(s) or organisation(s) or entities by ordering from us, accessing our website(s), causing us publicity and sharing information, emails or otherwise about us renders H2 LABS Team , H2 LABS International & H2 LABS and their proprietaries and owners unresponsible for actions that may be due to them and will result in any actions that may tried against H2 LABS Team, H2 LABS International & H2 LABS unenforcable in a court of law regardless of the country, due to the breaking of our terms by the individual(s), entities or organisation(s) by breaching a contract with us and or falsifying details. 

You agree and state the following:

1) I am of 18 years of age or above and it is legal to possess and order the products i have chosen for my own personal use in my own country without prescription. I also hold a valid medical prescription for the products i wish to order and you will have it ready for our inspection if so required at the time of purchase. I also wish to state that the product's i am ordering are for my sole use and i'm using them under medical supervision.
2) I am not a member of any of the following; i am not a law enforcement officer, member of a police department, secret agency, drug agency, i am not a journalist or work for any press office and I am not affiliated with any kind of law enforcement department, government department, medical board or any press office, regardless of the country I'm from, and i will not broadcast anything about this website, products, names and brands or display anything electronically, in person, or in writing. If i am a law enforcement officer, private investigator, press officer, journalist, work for a government, medical board or any similar any of the above or related connections with, then i am not entitled to order, contact us via any method or visit this site including publish any material contained therin about H2 LABS in its entirity and i have no purpose being here and agree to leave now.
3) I am aware how to use the products i wish to order or that i may have purchased already by myself under my doctors advice and i'm supervised by a medical professional.
4) The items i choose to order are for legal use in the country in which i reside and i hold this website free from any responsibility of my use of their products as i am under my doctors supervision.
5) I agree to keep my use of these products and this website confidential and agree not to share any information with any other person or breach any confidentiality to H2 LABS and not create, write, spread or publish in writing, electronically, or in a newspaper, facebook etc any information, publicity, damaging, defamation or otherwise about H2 LABS Team, H2 LABS INTERNATIONAL and H2 LABS, the directors, clients, or persons,  and locations involved. Breach of this will result the individual(s) responsible being summoned to any court of law in any country by us, the individual(s) liable for costs of up to $15,000,000 in damages being awarded to the owners of H2 LABS brand by a court of law in any country, along with unspecified actions that will be taken against the persons involved seperately caused by the defamation, spread of information confidential and otherwise and or publicity good bad or indifferent spoken against the website and business and or by the persons involved.
6) I am aware of how to use each product i have purchased or wish to purchase on this website and i am using under guidance from a qualified doctor or physician. I am aware of how to properly administer the products displayed on this website and take full responsibility for my use of these compounds. H2 LABS, H2 LABS International, H2 LABS Team , the directors and team do not take responsibility for any infections or damage sustained by a customer because of the incorrect use, poor injection techniques, abuse, or lack of education regarding the use of our products. Our products are produced in batches to the highest quality and quality tested before being released for sale. If a customer does not use correct injection procedures and sterile techniques when administering the product and wiping the top of vials as good practice each time prior to use etc then this is the full responsibility of the customer and we take no responsibility for infections or damage caused whatsoever. You use our products at your own risk. If you do not agree to this then please do not order and please leave now.
7) I know and understand the laws in my country and state with regards to purchasing medication and agree to hold the owners and team at H2 LABS Team and H2 LABS International harmless for my actions.
8) We agree to deliver the goods at the address provided by you at the time the order was made. If the shipping information you provide is incorrect, we take no responsibility for the losses caused by miss delivery. We keep your information confidential and do not share with anyone. Emails and other details are deleted asap or periodically and we have no interest in your details. We provide the highest quality products to each and every customer regardless of the size of the order. Long term clients may at times receive extra benefits, gifts, free shipping or deductions for sticking with us and we look after our clients.
9) Use of this site, information, links and images are for display purposes only. You have no permission to download, alter, share or copy anything on this domain without our prior express permission. We assume no liability for damages arising from the ordering or use of purchased products or information provided.
10) Any breach of our “Terms of use” and or “Terms and Conditions” by any individual will herby deem the individual(s) breaking the law, and liable for damages for breaches of these terms as noted below. Seperate actions will be followed up where required and carried out  depending on the seriousness of the situation. We here at H2 LABS believe in Karma and we treat our customers and clients with the upmost of respect, confidentiality and gratitude and look after their interests as best as possible, we expect the same in return. We take care of any threats posed to us by any individual(s) and we follow up and identify the persons involved for follow up actions.
11) I agree to delete all information regarding H2 LABS such as emails both sent and received and also any attachments sent and received as well as my internet history once i receive my package and agree to keep all my transactions private, by doing this i am operating by my doctor patient confidentiality, also protecting both myself and the seller.

Loyalty Card System
The following terms and conditions govern the use of the H2 LABS Worldwide Loyalty Card
1) The value on the card rewarded to you is directly related to the total cost of the order you have made with us. It is calculated as 10c cash back credit for each €1 euro you send us (charges incurred due to the transfer of money are not included)
2) The value on the card cannot be redeemed for cash or used as a discount off an order.
3) The card has an expiry date and must be used while in-date. Expired Loyalty Cards are NOT accepted so be sure to use it up.
4) You will be given at least 3 months notice if the Loyalty Card system is due to be cancelled allowing you time to use up the value.
5) Due to stock control and stock levels, if a product is in low stock (1-4 items) then these products are prioritised towards purchase instead of redemption. Items not in stock are not included in the system. Every effort is made to fulfull your wishes.
7) Products within the HGH and Peptides range are not included in the Loyalty Card system. This means that HGH and HCG are not able to be redeemed with the card. All supplies and shipping etc are included in the system. Products in the generic range are not included in the system. Item's not currently in stock are not part of the Loyalty Card system -it's common sense that we cannot promise you products we currently don't have in-stock ourselves.
8) You do not need to submit a new order to use up a Loyalty Card. For example if you ran out of something mid cycle and you have a Loyalty Card with enough credit, you could use it up and redeem products and service. Alternatively you could wait until you make another order choosing to redeem the card at that point. The card's code is physically worth the value that's printed on it, and you can use it to order any product or service on our site that is available and in stock.
9) Each Loyalty Card has a unique code that is kept on our database. Only genuine codes are valid. Once a code is used then it cannot be used a second time. Loyalty Cards can be disposed of after use.
10) Any costs incured during the transfer of money (such as banking charges, western union charges etc) is not covered under this specific card meaning that any charges incurred because of sending money to us is not included in the the Loyalty Card program.
11) Value on the loyalty card cannot be used as a discount towards a product. You must have enough credit aka Loyalty Cards saved up to cover the cost of the item completely.
12) Special deals, offers, and free products are not taken into account for any Loyalty Card points. Loyalty Card value is calculated by total order spend.

Refer a Friend Program The following terms and conditions govern the use of the H2 LABS Worldwide Refer a Friend Card
1) The value on the card is currently at €50 for a new client who has never ordered off us before and it's displayed value is written on the card.
2) The value on the card cannot be redeemed for cash or used as a discount off an order.
3) The card has no expiry date and may be used as long as the Referral Card system is in place.
4) You will be given at least 3 months notice if the Referral Card system is due to be cancelled allowing you time to use up the value.
5) Just as with the Loyalty Card, due to stock control and stock levels, if a product is not in stock then it is not included in the System.
6) The HGH and Peptides range are not included in the Referral Card system.  Also, item's not currently in stock are not part of the Referral Card system.
8) Each Referral Card has a unique code that is kept on our database which tracks it's use. Only genuine codes that match are valid. Once a code is used then it cannot be used a second time. Referral Cards are to be disposed of after use.
9) Any costs incured during the transfer of money (such as banking charges, western union charges etc) is not covered under the card meaning that the charges are not included in the Referral Card rewards scheme.
10) Value on the loyalty card cannot be used as a discount towards another product. The Refer a Friend card may be combined with Loyalty cardfor additional rewards. For any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be delighted to help.

Free Product Offer/Sample
On the homepage we sometimes give away a free sample product with all orders. If "all orders" is preceeded by an astreix like so - "all orders*" then this means all orders subject to a minimum order of 100 EUR, 150 USD, or 100 GBP.

By making your purchase you have stated you are 18 years old or older and are fully aware of the risks associated with taking anabolic steroids and or other pharmaceuticals. All material on this website or that we may provide to you via email is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.
The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the author, and readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. In addition, the information and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of every contributor and we acknowledge the occasional differences in opinion and welcome the exchange of different viewpoints. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.
Discarding of products and supplies
When finished with your products you must remove any label as best you can. Use a screwdriver to pry apart your vial top seal and rubber stopper throw them in the bin and recycle the glass vial at your local glass bottle bank. The needles and syringes can be dropped or mailed into your local needle exchange where they sometimes give away new supplies in exchange for your old ones free of charge, or if you don't want to do this then just conceal your syringes and needles (make sure the needles are safely capped) inside empty food containers and throw into the garbage disposal. Which ever way you choose please dispose of your materials do so with due care to avoid any injuries to innocent parties and consider the repercussions of your actions on our subculture.
Privacy Notice

It is our policy not to disclose any personal information to any third parties. "H2 LABS Team" does not transfer personal information without your consent to third parties who are not bound to act on “H2 LABS Team” behalf. Similarly, it is against our policy to disclose or sell personal information collected without consent. Also it is the same in reverse, all information transmitted (including but not limited to) payment details, banking information, names, addresses or any details relating to H2 LABS Team that is transmitted between the customer and H2 LABS Team remains the sole property of H2 LABS Team, and remains CONFIDENTIAL and any leaks of information or the release of data, such as; names, addresses, place names, email addresses, payment details, or bank account details, to any individual, government department, or law enforcement department, press office, entity, or unauthorised persons will herby deem the parties liable for breaches of our terms and conditions, and we will be liable for any damages from these breaches and terms, and you may be summonsed to a court of law by H2 LABS Team and/or held accountable for your/their action(s) with unspecified follow up actions on the partie(s) involved. Any information regarding H2 LABS Team gathered or received by unauthorised persons by or through a breach of our terms and conditions, fraudulent, pretentious, and or un-honest means shall become null and void and be un-enforceable in a court of law. To abide by our privacy terms you must delete all details including financial details, emails, or any other information regarding H2 LABS Team once your transaction is completed and you have received your order. This is for the protection of both the customer, and H2 LABS Team..

Purchasing Terms
“H2 LABS Team” takes no responsibility for confirming the current importation requirements and regulations of the purchase and the purchaser's country of origin. Purchaser agrees to not violate any local Customs or Drug Agency laws and is familiar with local country Ministry of Health regulations, including the obligatory prescriptions needed when importing pharmaceuticals. I'm state that i am of age 18 or more. I'm not addicted to any of the medicines I'm purchasing. I'm aware of the functions and side effects of all the items purchased. I'm aware of proper dosages and instructions for each medicine purchased. I agree that my order is purchased for LEGAL USE. I will hold the operators of this website, or anyone associated with this website harmless for any information I find herein. I know and understand the laws in my country and state with regards to purchasing prescription medication and agree to hold the owners and operators of this site harmless for my actions. I posses a valid prescription for ordered medications where required and I'm using them under doctor's control, advice and/or supervision. All products are shipped at the full risk of the purchaser.
Terms and Conditions of use
The following terms and conditions, along with all other terms and legal notices located on www.h2li-team.com (collectively, “Terms”), govern your use of www.h2li-team.com (the “Website”) also known as “H2 LABS Team”. If you do not understand and agree to be bound by all Terms, do not use this Website. Your use of this Website at anytime constitutes a legal binding agreement that you agree to abide by these “Terms” and “Terms and Conditions of use”.

Restrictions Regarding Materials
1. All information, documents, software, images, photographs, text, services and other similar materials (collectively, “Materials”) contained in this Website, or that are transmitted are provided by ‘www.h2li-team.com’ or its third party manufacturers, authors, developers and vendors (“Third Party Providers”) and are the copyrighted work of ‘www.h2li-team.com and/or the Third Party Providers. Except as stated herein, none of the Materials may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior express written permission of ‘www.h2li-team.com’ or the Third Party Provider. No part of the Website, including logos, graphics, sounds or images, may be reproduced or retransmitted in any way, or by any means, without the prior express written permission of ‘www.h2li-team.com’. You also may not, without ‘h2li-team.com’ prior express written permission, "mirror" any Materials contained on this Website on any other server.

1. Nothing on this Website shall be construed as conferring any license under any of h2li-team.com or any Third Party Provider's intellectual property rights, whether by estoppels, implication, or otherwise. You acknowledge sole responsibility for obtaining any such licenses.
2. NO Permission is granted to display, copy, distribute or download www.h2li-team.com materials or images on this Website without OUR consent.
3. the use of such Materials is solely for personal, non commercial and informational use and will not be copied or posted on any networked computer or broadcast in any media or law enforcement setting,
4. no modifications can be made to any of the Materials on this website are made.

This permission terminates automatically without notice if you breach any of these terms or conditions. Upon termination, you will immediately destroy any downloaded or printed Materials. Any unauthorized use of any Materials contained on this Website may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, and other related laws and may have various legal consequences.

Materials provided by Third Party Providers have not been independently authenticated in whole or in part by ‘www.h2li-team.com’. www.h2li-team.com does not provide, sell, license, or lease any of the Materials other than those specifically identified as being provided by ‘www.h2li-team.com’. ‘www.h2li-team.com’ is committed to respecting others' intellectual property rights, and we ask our users to do the same. The respective names, trademarks and brands of different drugs displayed on this website belong to their respective owners and are their exclusive intellectual property assets and ‘www.h2li-team.com’ has got no rights, title or interests therein.‘www.h2li-team.com’ (hereinafter referred to as “We”) may, in its sole discretion, terminate the access rights of users who infringe or otherwise violate others' intellectual property rights.

Local Laws
H2 LABS Team makes no representation that the materials on the website are appropriate or available for use in certain locations. If you use this Website, you are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws including but not limited to the export and import regulations of other countries.

In order to comply with local laws please note that prescriptions for your items are required in countries where products are deemed only available with a medical prescription and you must state this at the time of purchase to ensure that your order is shipped with the correct paperwork required for custom and legal requirements, it is not our requirement to ask you this is your responsibility to tell us.

This Website may include unintended inaccuracies or typographical errors. H2 LABS Team and the Third Party Providers may make improvements and/or changes in the products, services, programs, and prices or images described or displayed in this Website at any time without prior notice given. Changes are periodically made to the Website and images displayed therin.
1. These Terms represent the entire understanding relating to the use of the Website and prevail over any prior or contemporaneous, conflicting, additional, or other communications. ‘www.h2li-team.com’ can modify these Terms at any time without notice or consent by updating this posting.
2. In the event any or a portion of the provisions of these Terms are held invalid, illegal or otherwise unenforceable by a Court, such provision shall be deemed amended to be valid, legal and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, and the remaining provisions of these Terms shall remain in full force and effect. These Terms are binding upon you and your heirs, representatives, successors and assigns. The headings of the several articles and subdivisions of these Terms are inserted solely for the convenience of reference and shall have no further meaning, force or effect. No third party shall be a beneficiary of any provision of these Terms, except with the express written consent of ‘www.h2li-team.com’.

Applicable Law
In order to ensure consistency in the interpretation and enforcement of these Terms, the Website, and your use of the Website will be governed in all respects by the legal use and ordering of these substances. We make no representation that the Content in the Site is appropriate or available for use in other locations, and access to them from territories where their content is illegal is prohibited. Those who choose to access the website from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws.

Licence Disclaimer
Nothing on any ‘www.h2li-team.com’ website shall be construed as conferring any license under any of www.h2li-team.com's or any third party's intellectual property rights, whether by estoppels, implication, or otherwise.

Payment Policy
1. In the event that payment is required by the customer to receive any goods or services offered by us, the customer agree to pay all charges to, including applicable taxes, banking transfer charges, western union charges, etc, in accordance with the billing terms in effect at the time the fee or charge becomes payable. We reserve the right to change the amount of, or basis for determining, any fees or charges, and to institute new fees or charges making you aware at the soonest moment.

2. We reserve the right to terminate your account for any valid reason including, but not limited to, your failure to pay any applicable fees or because of sharing or divulging confidential data, at any time, without giving you advance notice.

3. If a payment for an order was not sent to H2 LABS Team, or was unsuccessful in reaching us, and the order has been received by the customer, the customer will have breached our terms and conditions and H2 LABS Team will be herby be entitled to obtain the owed moneys by any means necessary and releasing personal data to the authorities if necessary.

4. Any information (including but not limited to) payment details, banking information, names or addresses or any details relating to H2 LABS Team that is transmitted between the customer and H2 LABS Team remains the sole property of H2 LABS Team, and remains CONFIDENTIAL and any leaks of information or the release of data, such as; names, addresses, place names, email addresses, payment details, or bank account details, to any individual, government department, or law enforcement department, or unauthorised persons will herby deem the parties liable for breaches of our terms and conditions, and will be summonsed to court by H2 LABS Team and actions by physical force taken seperatly against the parties involved. Any information gathered by any unauthorised persons deemed “unauthorised persons” will become null and void and be un-enforceable in a court of law.

Your Representations

“Unauthorised persons”
You represent that you are not a minor, a law enforcement officer, or journalist and that you are not affiliated with any kind of law enforcement department, press office, or government department or medicines board regardless of the country you are from and that you are not under any legal or other disability which limits your ability to comply with these terms or to install and use the products you purchase with minimal risk of harm to you or others. You further represent that you are not purchasing the products for resale to others and will not do so without H2 LABS Team’s prior written consent. You represent that you are not phishing for details, and your intentions are purely for the purposes of purchasing a product for personal use, and not under any pretence of acting as a customer in order to find out more about our company, or to disclose or share any details regarding our company by any means.

Use of our Products

The User confirms to h2li-team.com (hereinafter “The Providers”) that:
1) The pharmaceutical(s) ordered by the User (“the Ordered Product”) are for legal use and were prescribed by a duly qualified medical practitioner in the Place of Residence of the User after a personal examination by the prescribing physician necessitating the need for the Ordered Product(s) for the User’s specific diagnosed medical condition.
2) The User has lawfully obtained the prescription from duly qualified medical practitioner and that the Medication will be used only as directed and only by the person for whom the Medications were prescribed and that the duty of care is the responsibility of the User’s Doctor.
3) No person other than the User will use the Ordered Product.
4) The User releases and discharges The Providers, and all of their officers and directors, agents, and employees from any and all liability, claims or causes of action with respect of the use or application of the Ordered Product by the User, including, but not limited to undesired side effects.
5) The user will notify H2 LABS Team if there are any changes to his or her physical or medical condition or any change in the medication that the user is taking. The user certifies that he or she had a physical examination within the last 12 months from the date hereof and has maintained appropriate records for the same.
6) It is his or her (the user’s) responsibility to have their own Physician conduct regular physical examination, including any and all suggested testing by their own Physician to ensure that he or she has no medical problems which would constitute a contradiction to her/him taking medications prescribed by his or her own Physician.
7) We do not approve nor recommend increasing the dosage other than what is prescribed by your Physician. If the user does so, he agrees that he is performing this action at his own free will without the consent of the product manufacturer or any employee employed by H2 LABS Team.
8) The user agrees that should he or she suffer any adverse effects while taking any prescription medication that he or she will immediately contact his or her physician.
9) The User acknowledges that the ordered product(s) cannot be returned for a refund or an exchange at any point.

You represent, warrant and covenant that your use of the Website shall not:
1) Violate any applicable local, provincial, state, national or international law, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation;
2) interfere with or disrupt computer networks connected to the Website;
3) impersonate any other person or entity, or make any misrepresentation as to your employment by or affiliation with any other person or entity;
4) forge headers or in any manner manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any user information;
5) Upload, post, transmit, publish, or distribute any material or information for which you do not have all necessary rights and licenses;
6) Upload, post, transmit, publish or distribute any material which infringes, violates, breaches or otherwise contravenes the rights of any third party, including any copyright, trademark, patent, rights of privacy or publicity or any other proprietary right;
7) Interfere with or disrupt the use of the Website by any other user, nor "stalk", threaten, or in any manner harass another user;
8) Upload, post, transmit, publish, or distribute any material or information which contains a computer virus, or other code, files or programs intending in any manner to disrupt or interfere with the functioning of the Website, or that of other computer systems;
9) Use the website in such a manner as to gain unauthorized entry or access to the computer systems of others;
10) Upload, post, transmit, publish or distribute any material or information which constitutes or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to other liability, or otherwise violate applicable law;
11) Upload, post, transmit, publish, or distribute any material, expose, docomentary or any form of data or information. Even more seriously do anything that is unlawful, or which may potentially be perceived as being harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libellous, vulgar, obscene, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable to the brand, owners, proprietaries, customers and members of H2 LABS, H2 LABS Team and H2 LABS International.
12) Reproduce, copy, modify, sell, store, distribute or otherwise exploit for any purpose the website, or any component thereof (including, but not limited to any materials or information accessible through the Website);
13) Use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Website; or
14) Take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Website infrastructure.

By ordering from us and importing our products we will do all we can to assist you in meeting the legal customs and importation laws and requirements of your respective country, however H2 LABS Team is not a knowledgable or legal expert concerning the laws or regulations affecting importing, distribution, sale or use of any product offered herein. The buyer accepts full responsibility and accountability for compliance with any and all laws rules and regulations, which may affect the buyer regarding the importing, distribution, sale or use of any product purchased from h2li-team.com. Additionally, h2li-team.com accepts no liability for the undeliverability of any products due to the actions of any government or law. Once an order has been shipped no returns are accepted. All sales are made on a "No Return, No Refund" basis and the purchaser, by placing an order, signifies acceptance of these terms. In addition to the purchase price of the products the buyer accepts responsible for any and all handling charges, shipping cost, insurance, import duties, fees, liabilities and tax costs, banking or payment transfer charges, which may arise or apply to the purchase and transportation of the products to the buyer.
Confirming the importation requirements and regulations of the user and the user's country of origin is the responsibility of the user.

H2 LABS Team takes no responsibility for:
• Order losses caused by mis-delivery.
• Order losses caused by false/incorrect or incomplete address provided by a customer.
• Order losses because of illegal importation of goods.
• A package that arrives damaged, partly damaged, or un-useable to a customer. If this is the case, it is due to improper or careless handling the products by the shipping company. H2 LABS Team packages each order with the highest amount of care in an effort to prevent this from occurring.

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