Loyalty Card

Introduction The Loyalty Card is a simple system designed to reward you for shopping with us. Regardless of your order size big or small you'll get a Loyalty Card with a code and value in the form of credit to spend in our store, like a value card! The more you spend the more you recieve in credit.
How does it work? When you submit an order we'll get back to you with payment details and to finalize your order to make sure the pricing and shipping info are correct. We'll also let you know how much you'll get on the Loyalty Card. You send payment, the card will be inside the package for you to use once you get it or next time you order.
Card value system The system is simple, for each €1 (1 euro) you spend you receive 10c. In other words if you spend €1000 on an order you will receive €100, spend €500 and receive €50.00 etc. .
What can i spend it on?

The value on the card can be used against the total cost of an order as a discount. The Loyalty Card can only be used on it's own not in conjunction with other offers currently running such as a 20% discount off all product offers etc.

Can i redeem it for cash? No. The value on the card can only be used to purchase products and services such as; another product, item, or used against shipping, all subject to terms and conditions. You cannot use the value on the card towards a discount on an order.
How do i get a one? The loyalty card will be included inside the package along with the products you ordered. Therefore you have to place an order before you can get a card. Loyalty cards may also be issued to facebook members from time to time as part of promotions. The Loyalty Card is available to be redeemed at any time before the expiry date. Expired Loyalty Cards are invalid so be sure to use.
 Who may use the Card? The card is transferable. You may give the card as a gift to a friend to use.
Ok, what can i get with the card? Anything that's in stock in our site is available to be selected to redeem as part of the system, or alternatively a discount off your order.
How many cards are redeemable? You may keep and redeem your cards at any time. Only one discount code per order can be used.
How can i redeem my card?
Easy. Just contact us, let us know the card value and code, along with the product(s) service(s) you have selected and let us know the shipping address or, when submitting an order just say that you'd like to use up your rewards card giving us it's value and code along with the product(s) and service(s) you have selected and shipping address.
Extra Store Credit Keep a log of your cycle on a forum, share your blood test results on a public board, share photos of your goodies with a review and you'll get 100eur free store credit on a loyalty card to use anytime you want. Just submit the link to the thread/post to us ad we'll take care of the rest.