Dear Customer,

Thank you for your continued support in our brand of genuine H2 LABS products. Over the last few years, our business has gone from strength to strength. Never had we envisaged placing our products on the global market. Originally established in 2010, our brand was set up to manufacture and supply the highest quality anabolics to ourselves and our friends never intending to put our products for sale on the market. Since then we seen a huge demand for the items we manufacture and the service we provide so we decided to offer our goods for sale privately and secretly -not commercially. We are a tight nit group. We do not want thousands of customers and that kind of exposure and risk to ourselves and our clients. This core belief of ours secures our long term success and future. When we founded our company, it was was not set up for profits unlike any other website you will find. It is the very fact of knowing that we use the exact same products ourselves that you'll see on our site each manufactured in the same way in large batches and we only will use the best products possible, the same available to you. Most if not all of the people that find our site was by referral only and through trusted friends of the business and now you too are are a member of our team and you may share our existence to only the closest of friends and persons you trust at your sole discression. Keep in mind that we do change our email address occasionally and you can always fill up the contact form to get in touch with us.


About Us and Our History:

Back in 2010 when we first established our brand, we found that there was a serious shortage of high quality anabolic steroids available to both the fitness industry and the health care industry. To make these matters worse, in some countries due to strict archaic laws athletes are left to purchase substandard products with no confidence in regards to the authenticity or quality of these products. At H2 LABS International where H2 LABS products are made, our mission always has been to provide safe, innovative high quality pharmaceutical grade products that ensure excellent results.

Pharmaceutical grade products are what every person desires to be using and these are made by big pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Schering and Organon with permission from the FDA. As you would expect these products are very expensive often up to three times the price of a generic brand and still hard to come by without a medical prescription. Even if you manage to order them from Eastern Europe or the USA then you run the risk of being intercepted which will result in loosing your money. Another fact is that certain drugs are not being produced any longer by pharmaceutical companies or have been discontinued. Two examples of such are Trenbolone and Drostanolone (Masteron) and there's many more. So if an athlete needs Drostanolone, Trenbolone or any one of these compounds for their cycle they can only get this product from an ‘UGL’ or underground laboratory that produces it as no pharmaceutical company currently has them in production. Trenbolone was never approved by the FDA for human use and was only a steroid approved by the FDA for use by veterinarians on livestock to increase lean muscle tissue growth and appetite, so theres no point in ever considering searching for a FDA approved pharmaceutical brand that produces it!!

The fact that we are small private entity means that we aren’t a registered pharmaceutical company approved by the FDA to manufacture these products. So being accurate H2 LABS products are not certified pharmaceutical grade and this means that we are considered an UGL. The difference is, we are upfront about it unlike many other companies such as Sciroxx, Asia Pharma, Alpha Pharma..etc who lie about it giving users false belief of them being registered and approved pharmaceutical companies (-which they aren't). H2 LABS products are equally comparable to the finest pharmaceutical anabolics around and are available at nearly half of the price. We have been producing the highest quality healthcare products since 2010 and quality always remains top priority regardless of the price or costs involved in acquiring the best and finest quality materials, equipment and expertise that will in turn produce a truly superior product offering the best results for the consumer. So if you currently use one or two UGL products in your stack then why not save yourself the stress and switch your full cycle to UGL products – from the manufacturer you can trust H2 LABS International. We never put our name to a defective or unsatisfactory product and as we use our products ourselves, we only demand superior quality products. We never compromise on any process. Thats our promise.


Why buy your H2 LABS product from H2 LABS Team

We are an verified reseller of H2 LABS products. We have domestic reshippers in most countries which means that when you order with us you’ll have no issues with your package being intercepted and you'll have your items within two or three days after your payment has cleared.
We have been operating since 2010 and we have customers from all over the world. We have many clients and we have shipped orders all over the globe to countries with 100% success and satisaction with our products. We have no doubt that you will be very satisfied with H2 LABS products which are made to the highest standard around with no contaminants unlike many companies trying to make a quick buck and taking risks with your health. You want to make sure that the products that you are injecting and taking into your body are the highest quality. No person deserves less.
Our primary currency is Euros, but we also accept United States Dollars (USD $) and Great British Pounds (GBP). It’s easy and simple to pay for your order, it's as easy as sticking cash in an envelope and sending it on to us. If paying by PayPal or any other method do remember you pay for any costs incured by the transfer of the money, such as a transaction charge which will be very little. The order process is quick and simple.. Just fill up our contact form with the products and the quantity you want and select either standard or express shipping also include your shipping address. We then will forward on our payment details. Package is received by you within 2-3 days. No questions asked. Safe, fast, efficient, affordable, local and 100% confidential. We are the best.


Martin Kennelly                                                                       Our products are the gold standard in Anabolics
Operations Manager H2 LABS 


TEST P 100mg/ml 10ml
TEST C 250mg/ml 10ml
TEST E 250mg/ml 10ml
NANDRO 250mg/ml 10ml
EQ 200mg/ml 10ml
MAST P 100mg/ml 10ml
MAST E 150mg/ml 10ml
PRIMO E 100mg/ml 10ml
RIP BLEND 150mg/ml 10ml
SUST BLEND 250mg/ml 10ml
TREN A 100mg/ml 10ml
TREN E 150mg/ml 10ml
NANDRO PP 100mg/ml 10ml
TREN H 200mg/ml 10ml
METRIX 2mg/ml 10ml
TEST B 100mg/ml 10ml
WINSTROL DEPOT 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml 10ml
TEST 400 400mg/ml 10ml
EQX 350mg/ml 10ml
TDBX 600 600mg/ml 10ml
NDX 600 600mg/ml 10ml
TE 500 500mg/ml 10ml
RB 300 300mg/ml 10ml
RB 600 600mg/ml 10ml
NNE 100mg/ml 10ml
MENT 100mg/ml 10ml

OXANDROX 20mg/Capsule x50
METHANDROX 20mg/Capsule x50
STANOX 20mg/Capsule x50
OXYMETHOX 20mg/Capsule x50
TURINABOX 20mg/Capsule x50
HALOTEX 20mg/Capsule x50
CLOMIX 20mg/Capsule x50
TAMOX 20mg/Capsule x50
MESTERX 20mg/Capsule x50
SILDEX 20mg/Capsule x50
TADALAX 20mg/Capsule x50
METHATEX 20mg/Capsule x50
AEROX 20mg/Capsule x50
ALX 20mg/Capsule x50
YINX 20mg/Capsule x50
LIQUID OXANDROX 20mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID STANOX 25mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID CLOMIX 50mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID TAMOX 20mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID MESTERX 50mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID ARIMIX 5mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID LETROX 5mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID ALX 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID YINX 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID T3 200mcg/ml 20ml
LIQUID SR-9009 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID MK-677 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID MK-2866 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID RAD-140 10mg/ml 20ml