Recommended Cycles 


First Cycle Beginner
Mid-Moderate Strength - Standard Cycle
For Accelerated Muscle Size, Strength & Recovery
W 1-12 TEST E 750mg/wk {3ml} [36ml]
W 1-10 NANDRO 500mg/wk {2ml} [20ml]
W 3-11 LIQUID ARIMIX .5mg E4D [9mg]


Conservative Cycle
Mild Side Effect Free
Low-Medium Strength - Standard Cycle
For Athletes & Gym Users who are looking for gentle cycle with steady solid gains & zero water retention.
W 1-10 PRIMO E 500mg/wk {5ml} [50ml]
W 1-10 TEST E 500mg/wk {2ml} {20ml]
W 1-4 OXANDROX 60mg/D {21} [84]


Muscle Gain & Fat Loss
*Non Steroidal
Medium Strength - Medium Length Cycle
Suited to Athletes & Gym Users who do not wish to use AAS at the present time.
W 1-6 ALX 12mg/d {84mg} [504mg]
W 1-6 YINX 20mg/d {140mg} [840mg]
W 1-6 AEROX 20mg/d {7} [42]


Oral Only Cycle No Injections Needed
Low-Medium Strength - Short Cycle Length
For those looking for performance improvement
W 1-4 METHANDROX 80mg/d {28} [112]
  Bulking Cycle Average Gym User
Medium Strength - Long Cycle Length
For Superb Bulk, Size, Strength, Power & Performance Enhancement
W 1-12 TEST C 1000mg/wk {4ml} [48ml]
W 1-10 NANDRO 750mg/wk {3ml} [30ml]
W 1-4 METHANDROX 60mg/d [84]
W 3-12 LIQUID ARIMIX .5mg E3D [13.5mg]
  Advanced Bulk Competitive Bodybuilder
Upper-Mid Strength - Long Cycle Length
For Dramatic Increases in Size, Strength, Power
W 1-16 TEST E 1000mg/wk {4ml} [64ml]
W 1-14 EQ 1000mg/wk {5ml} [70ml]
W 1-12 TREN H 600mg/wk {3ml} [36ml]
W 1-5 METHANDROX 100mg/d [175]
W 3-16 LIQUID LETROX .5mg E2D [26ml]




Lean Bulk Average Bodybuilder
Medium Strength - Long Cycle
For Superb Lean Muscle, Size & Strength Gains
W 1-14 SUST BLEND 750mg/wk {3ml} [42ml]
W 1-12 EQ 600mg/wk {3ml} [36ml]
W 1-10 TREN E 300mg/wk {2ml} [20ml]
W 1-4 OXANDROX 80mg/d {28} [112]
W 4-14 LIQUID ARIMIX .5mg e3d [15mg]

  Cutting Cycle Average Bodybuilder
Medium Strength - Long Cycle
For Fat Loss, Strength, Size, Power & Contest Prep
W 1-14 SUST BLEND 250mg/wk {1ml} [14ml]
W 1-12 TREN E 450mg/wk {3ml} [36ml]
W 1-10 MAST E 450mg/wk {3ml} [30ml]
W 1-10 EQ 600mg/wk {3ml} [30ml]
W 1-4 OXANDROX 80mg/d {28} [112]
W 4-14 LIQUID LETROX .5mg e3d [15mg]


Short Blast Average Bodybuilder
Medium Strength - Short Cycle
For Sheer Strength, Power, Fat Loss & Size
W 1-8 RIP BLEND 1.5ml/d {10.5ml} [84ml]
W 1-4 TURINABOX 80mg/d [112]
W 3-8 LIQUID LETROX .5mg E3D [9mg]
W 1-5 METHANDROX 100mg/d {35} [175]


Long Blast Competitive Bodybuilder
Medium Strength - Long Cycle
For Superb Lean Strength, Power & Size Gains
W 1-14 TEST 400 800mg/wk {2ml} [28ml]
W 1-10 TREN H 600mg/wk {3ml} [30ml]
W 1-10 MAST E 450mg/wk {3ml} [30ml]
W 1-12 NANDRO 750mg/wk {3ml} [36ml]
W 1-4 STANOX 60mg/d [84]
W 3-14 LIQUID LETROX .25mg/d [24.5mg]
  Short Bulk Competitive Bodybuilder/P.L
Medium-High Strength - Short Cycle
For Maximum Size, Strength, Power in 6 Weeks
W 1 EQ 1000mg {5ml} [5ml]
W 1 TEST E 1000mg {4ml} [4ml]
W 1-5 NANDRO PP 100mg/d {7ml} [42ml]
W 1-5 OXYMETHOX 100mg/d [175]
W 1-6 TREN A 50mg/d {3.5ml} [21ml]
W 5-6 TEST P 100mg/e2d {3ml} [6ml]
W 2-5 LIQUID LETROX .5mg/d {3.5mg} [14mg]
  Strength & Power Competitive P.L
Medium Strength - Short Cycle
For Maximum Lean Strength & Power
W 1 TEST E 1000mg {4ml} [4ml]
W 1-4 WINSTROL DEPOT 50mg/d {14ml} [56ml]
W 1-4 TREN A 100mg/d {7ml} [28ml]
W 1-3 OXYMETHOX 180mg/d {56} [168]
W 4 METRIX 500mcg/d {3.5mg} [3.5mg]
W 3-4 TEST B 200mg/d {14ml} [28ml]


Non-Steroidal Fat Loss
Medium Strength - Short Cycle
For accelerated fat loss & increase in stamina
W 1-3 LIQ ALX 12mg/d {84mg} [252mg]
W 4 LIQ YINX 10mg/d {70mg} [70mg]
W 5-7 LIQ ALX 18mg/d {126mg} [378mg]
W 8 LIQ YINX  {20mg/d {140mg]
W 9-11 LIQ ALX 24mg/d {168mg} [504mg]

  Pro-Bodybuilding Contest Prep
Advanced Cycle - Long Cycle
For nothing short of dramatic results
W 1-10 TEST E 1000mg {4ml} [40ml]
W 1-10 EQ 1000mg {5ml} [50ml]
W 1-10 TREN E 600mg {4ml} [40ml]
W 1-8 METHANDROX 100mg/d {35} [280]
W 10-16 TEST P 100mg/d {7ml} [42ml]
W 10-16 TREN A 100mg/d {7ml} [42ml]
W 10-16 MAST P 100mg/d {7ml} [42ml]
W 10-16 STANOX 60mg/d {21} [126]
W 12-13 HALOTEX 20mg/d {14} [28]
W 14-16 HALOTEX 60mg/d {21} [42]
W 1-10 LIQ ARIMIX 1mg/eod {4mg} [40mg]
W 10-16 LIQ LETROX 1mg/eod {4mg} [40mg]
W 1-16 TAMOX 20mg/d {14} [224]
W 8-12 MESTERX 20mg/d {14} [70]
W 13-16 MESTERX 80mg/d {28} [112]
W 10-14 LIQ ALX 12mg/d {84mg} [336mg]
  StrongMan Athlete
Advanced Cycle - Long Cycle
For the little help you need to break new PR's and throw weights around the gym
W 1-3 STANOX 100mg/d {35} [105]
W 1-16 NANDRO 1500mg {6ml} [96ml]
W 1-16 TEST E 750mg {3ml} [48ml]
W 10-12 METRIX 500mcg/d {3500mcg} [7000mcg]
W 1-14 LIQ ARIMIX 1mg/eod {4mg} [56mg]
W 15-16 LIQ ARIMIX .25mg/eod {1mg } [2mg]
W 1-12 EQ 600mg/wk {3ml} [36ml]


Endurance Sport Iron Man, Marathon
Beginner - Long Cycle
For those involved in endurance sports
W 1-10 EQ 400mg/wk {2ml} [20ml]
W 1-6 OXANDROX 40mg/d {14} [84]
W 1-10 TEST E 250mg/wk {1ml} [10ml]
W 1-10 MAST E 300mg/wk {2ml} [20ml]
  Shredded Look Fitness Mag Look
Low-Medium Strength - Typical Length Cycle
W 1-8 EQX 700mg/wk {2ml} [16ml]
W 1-7 MAST E 300mg/wk {2ml} [14ml]
W 8-10 MAST P 100mg/d {7ml} [21ml]
W 4-8 MESTERX 60mg/d {21} [84]
W 8-10 HALOTEX 60mg/d {21} [63]
W 1-10 LIQ LETROX .5mg/eod {2mg} [20mg]
W 4-8 WINSTROL DEPOT 25mg/d {7ml} [28ml]
  Female Bodybuilding Cycle
Mild Strength - Typical Conservative Cycle
Accelerated muscle, strength and size gains.
W 1-3 LIQ OXYMETHOX 2.5mg/d {17.50mg}


Two Week Boost Average Athlete
Mild Cycle - Very Short Cycle
Fantastic for smashing training plateus and PR'S with fast recovery and without committing to a full cycle. No PCT required if under 30.
W 1-2 TEST P 100mg/d {7ml} [7ml]
W 1-2 METHANDROX 60mg/d {21} [42]
W 1-2 TAMOX 40mg/d {14} [28]

One-Off Testosterone Boost
Low-Medium Strength - One-off no PCT Required!
For boost of masculinity, aggression, strength, confidence & power without distrupting the HPTA.
Ideal to be used in prep for a sporting event.
1) If 30-60 MINS Prior to activity: TEST B 100mg
Half Live ~9 hrs
2) If 40-80 MINS Prior to activity: TEST P 200mg
Half Life ~18 hrs
3) If 12-24 HRS Prior to activity: TEST C 500mg Half Life ~7 days

  Blitz Cycle Version 1
Moderate Level Cycle - Very Short Cycle
Accelerated muscle, strength and size gains.
BLITZ (2on, 8off)
W 1-2 TEST P 150mg/ed {10.5mg} [21ml]
W 1-2 TREN A 100mg/d {7ml} [14ml]
W 1-2 METHANDROX 20mg 5x/d
W 1-2 LETROX .5mg/d W 3-10 off


Blitz Cycle Version 2
Advanced - Very Short Cycle
Training for strength and peaking soon? This is the stack to choose, very powerful cycle.
W 1-3 TEST B 100mg x3/d {21ml} [63ml]
W 1-3 AEROX 40mg/d {14} [28]
W 1-3 METRIX 500mcg/d {3.5mg} [10.5mg]
W 1-3 METHANDROX 120mg/d {42} [126]
W 1-3 NANDRO PP 100mg/d {7ml} [21ml]
  Long Cycle 9 Month Long Bodybuilding
Intermediate Level - Long Cycle
For those looking for gains over the long term
W 1-20 NANDRO 250mg/e4d {1ml} [20ml]
W 1-36 TEST C 500mg/e4d {2ml} [72]
W 1-36 MAST E 150mg/e4d {1ml} [36ml]
W 1-37 LIQ ARIMIX .5mg/eod {2mg} [74]
W 38-39 LIQ ARIMIX 0.25mg/eod {1mg} [2mg]
W 1-6 OXANDROX 40mg/d {14} 84}
W 30-34 METHANDROX 40mg/d {14} [56]
W 37-42 PCT TEST C 62.5mg 2x/w {0.25ml} [1.5ml]
W 43 begin dropping each shot by ~5mg until you reach zero.
  TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Beginner- Continuous Cycle 12 months
Used by those over 45 interested in Anti-Aging
W TEST C 125mg/e4d {1ml} [52ml]
W LIQ ARIMIX 0.025mg/e4d {0.05mg} [2.6mg]
W HGH 2iu/d taken early a.m {7iu} [364iu]


Post Cycle Therapy Standard Protocol
Used regardless of wherther or not HCG is included.
PCT starts once all the half-life of the steroid esters have ran out of your system; eg. Long acting esters such as Enanthate, Cypionate, Decanoate, Undecylenate take approximately 2 weeks to deminish where as Acetate, Propionate, etc only take 1-2 days. Only when the steroid is out of your system will the PCT drugs help to stimulate natural testosterone, hormone levels and sperm production.
CLOMIX Day 1-20 100mg/d {35} [100]
TAMOX Day 1-3: 80mg Day 4-6: 60mg Day 7-10: 40mg Dày 11-31 20mg [50]

  HCG Therapy Beginner-Advanced
With HCG - Preferred Method for Guaranteed Recovery used along with TAMOX & CLOMIX standard protocol.
^ See the row below for the follow up info.
Option 1 - On-Cycle Continuous HCG USE
8 Week Cycle:
250iu every 4 days* from week 3-8
12 Week Cycle:
250iu every 4 days* from week 3-12
16 Week Cycle:
250iu every 4 days* from week 3-8 Take a 2 week break 250iu every 4 days* from week 11-16
Option 2 - No HCG used during cycle
8 Week Cycle:
One 1000iu shot per week for 2 weeks with AI? Taken daily
12 Week Cycle:
One 1000iu shot per week for 3 weeks with AI? taken daily
16 Week Cycle:
One 1000iu shot per week for 3 weeks with AI? taken daily
  Health Maintenance
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^ *HCG Every 4 days = Shoot on Monday, then on Friday, then on Tuesday, ect. ? AI - Aromatase Inhibitor (While taking 1000iu shots, it's a good idea to use .5mg/ED Arimidex to keep estrogen in control. Discontinue 4 days after last hCG shot.) If you are doing the on-cycle hCG protocol it is important to discontinue hCG 2 weeks prior to AAS clearance. Therefore, when you officially start PCT you will be clean of all AAS's and will be 14 days from your last hCG shot. This allows your testes to become re-sensitized to the body's LH signal from the brain, making for a quick recovery of natural testosterone production as soon as the steroids and hCG clear the system. This is another reason why on-cycle hCG is superior, because it allows you to start recovering as soon as PCT begins. If you aren't doing hCG on-cycle, then use hCG according to the last few weeks guidelines, and start it 4-5 weeks before the AAS's are expected to clear the system (Or as soon as possible if you are already past this point).