Introducing H2 LABS Team

Who are we:

We are an online distribution (sales) site for H2 LABS products. H2 LABS products are not manufactured by us, they are manufactured by H2 LABS InternationalIf at any time you cannot reach us or cannot access our site please contact H2 LABS International who will be delighted to answer your queries or direct you to your nearest verified distributer by clicking the link above. Please keep the manufacturers website address in your notebook should you ever need another supplier and you cannot access our website.

About H2 LABS International:

Our Story

Originally established in 2010, our brand was set with one goal in mind.. to manufacture and have a supply of the highest quality anabolics for just ourselves -giving us the edge on our competition. From there it developed to sharing our products to our closest of friends through favours. Even still at that point we still had never intended to put our products on the market for sale. Since then we seen a huge demand for the products we manufacture and the service which we provide so we decided to offer our goods for sale privately and secretly -not commercially. Since our inception we are a small tight-knit group and we will always remain so. We are not profit orientated. We are not associated with any other business interests or enterprises criminal or otherwise. We do not want thousands of customers and that kind of exposure which may pose risk to ourselves and our group. Having these core belief's secure our long term success and future. When we founded our company, it was was not set up for profits unlike any other brand you will find. It is the very fact of knowing that we use the exact same products from our stocks ourselves that you'll see on our site each manufactured in the same way in large batches and we only will use the best products possible, the same available to you.

Our Clients

The majority of people who use our products are athletes and avid gym users who are looking to increase their performance and results in the gym. People who use our products come from disciplines ranging from bodybuilding to rugby, cycling to UFC, boxing, powerlifting and tennis to anything in between. Our type of clientelle are professionals, valued members of the community, we are not "drug users". We supply doctors, lawyers, teachers, managers, medics, rock climbers, models, security guards, police officers, office workers maybe even some guys at your very own gym. Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are tools that when are utilised properly in a dedicated physical training regimen deliver excellent results on top of hard work and sacrafice safely and effectively. AAS do not offer any benefits for individuals not engaged in strict diet and training. They only offer an edge of about 7%. Finding us isn't easy. Most if not all of the people that find our site and know about us are by referral only and through trusted friends of the business. Now you've discovered us, you too are part of our team and you may share our existence to only the closest of friends and persons you trust at your sole discression.

Who buys from us

We supply athletes and gym users with performance enhancing drugs aka steroids. You can buy steroids legally in many countries without prescription for personal use. People use steroids for reasons such as; increased musculuar strength, increased musculuar size, increased endurance, increased recovery from training, increased libido, etc. etc, the list of benefits is endless! Steroids are also prescribed for medical purposes (of which they were origonally intended) such as people with HIV / AIDS, burn victims, cancer patients, medical uses are plentiful. AAS are a wonder drug for sick patients but you don't have to be sick to use them, they work exactly the same in the body for an athlete or HIV patient. We do NOT get into the ethics of using drugs in sport or doping in sport, but what we will say is that we believe in a level playing field. Our main clientelle are using steroids for performance enhancement and body (physique) enhancement, additional strength and powerlifting, bodybuilding and recovery from hard training.

Our Values

We have built our brand on the following values:
Quality – delivering quality products is our distinguished value. Clinical trials and quality testing have been conducted on each of our batches to ensure that we are producing a quality product. Reliability – from our stock we use the very same products ourselves and always will, which guarantees us as a reliable supplier you can count on in the long term. Long-term orientation – sustaining the highest quality in the products we produce and while striving to innovate and have new products in the pipeline. Competitive – being competitive makes it possible to gives you competitive prices. Privacy – we are a small close-knit private entity with no alterior motives or interest in your information and we do not share your infomation with anyone full stop, we also expect the same in return. Pride – the products we make are produced with perfectionism, pride and satisfaction with no expenses spared, no compromises this these are our obsessions. Superiority – we are better than everyone else, and so are our products. Not For Profit – our products are produced for ourselves with no interest in our bottom line except to cover our own costs and inturn maintain a small profit and client base. Professionalism – we don't sell fake products, we don't scam customers, we don't mis-label products. If something is out of stock then we'll tell you. Partnerships and Trust – We strive for trust-based relationships with our partners: our customers, our suppliers, and everyone else who surrounds us. Only good and open relationships can help us achieve both business success and our primary mission.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Our value systems explained above is what sets us apart from the rest. Being truthful and loyal to our clients proves to win us more new customers every single time while keeping our old ones. H2 LABS products are made to the highest standard around unlike some companies trying to make a quick buck by taking shortcuts in production or with your health for their profits. Once a brand build a good reputation they then start to substitute expensive compounds for cheaper alternatives and mis-label vials. You may be suprised to hear that it's the big UGL companies that do this from time to time. By choosing us you'll be sure that the products that you are injecting and taking into your body are of the highest quality around and contain exactly what they say on the label. Nothing more, nothing less, no person deserves less. Remember our products are made for our own use extending this stock to you. All our oils are filtered and pumped into sterile sealed vials resulting in a crystal clear product equally comparable to pharmaceutical grade. All equipment used for production of H2 LABS products is GMP / BP approved. We only use approved pharmaceutical oils, that maintain the USP / EP and powders (API) that are USP/BP approved.

Supplies & Generic Products

Only stock our own products but occasionally we do source and stock some other well known brands of pharmaceuticals for our customers.  To view our stock simply visit our Supplies and Generic Products page where you can view these items. If your product is not in stock or you can't find an item you require simply email us your interest and we may arrange these products for you in the future. Pricing and availability changes so please visit our site regularly.

Payment Details:

We accept payment by a variety of methods. For more information please click our orders page. Please note that it is your responsibility to pay any fees that may be incurred by the transfer of moneys such as western union charges, PayPal charges etc.. we cannot and do not accept any discrepancies in payments sent and your order will not be shipped. Please note that you are required to send the full details to us including Sender name, Receiver Name, MTCN and all the details you wrote which we need to collect your payment if paying by WU and sometimes we my need a photo of the transfer sheet. If we don't get all the information we need to recieve the payment then your order will be delayed until you provide the missing details.

Delivery Method:

Once you send on payment confirmation (full details of payment) the payment will be verified, your items are carefully packed and shipped discretely fast and efficiently. Depending on your shipment you will also be issued with a tracking number and your order may be split into multiple packages. If the shipping you selected was express then you will receive a tracking number offering great peace of mind by knowing where the package is at all times with support. If you select standard shipping, we can't offer any support for the package as all we can provide is the proof of shipping/postage. We ship by various shipping companies. Signature is not required unless you select so. For more details and pricing visit our order page. Remember, with standard shipping there is no tracking number only proof of shipping on our side nevertheless package success still remains 100%.


We ship all orders within 1-4 days of funds being verified and picked up provided your item is in stock.  We do not ship on weekends or holidays. Please allow 1-4 days to process your payment (excluding weekends). Delivery times and shipping costs will vary based on the method of shipment you choose, for more details visit our order page.

Re-Shipping Policy:

In the unlikely event that your package is intercepted, we will reship the seized order provided you have a copy of the letter to show us. If you receive a seizure letter, please contact us immediately with a scanned copy and pictures of the seizure letter, and also a new address to have your order reshipped to, and we will take care of this free of charge. For more information please visit our TC'S page. We only do this once, and we've never needed to do this before.

Product Authenticity:

H2 LABS Team currently only operates by and and does not supply or display our products in any other method. So you should be very suspicious if you see any of our items available anywhere else. We are verified distributers of H2 LABS International products and you can check this and confirm our legitimacy by clicking hereBy buying from this website you are guaranteed a genuine quality product. There are only a small number of distributers verified by the manufacturer H2 LABS International. If for any reason you cannot contact us please contact H2 LABS International who will be delighted to answer your queries.

Right to Refusal:

H2 LABS Team reserves the right to refuse or ignore any customer (including but not limited to) that appears to be of an untrustworthy character, to have other motives and who may be trying to purchase our products unlawfully. If you send an e-mail or a query about our company or products returns unanswered then most likely you have been refused. Tips to avoid being refused are to be clear and transparent in your transactions with us. Note that in some instances we do complete thorough background checks by the appropriate authorities if we deem necessary. We don't to respond to timewasters.

Buying with Confidence: 

When you buy a H2 LABS product, you can be in no doubt what your product is made to the highest quality and is produced as part of a batch which is traceable by our batch number, product number and its very own unique identity code. You can confirm legitimacy of your product by clicking here. We understand that if you are buying any of our products for the first time you may feel apprehensive and can certainly be unsure of how to use these products correctly. Be confident that when you buy a product from us you will always have full support and advice at all times and when buying from us directly you are always guaranteed a legitimate product that comes straight from the manufacturer.

Where we are Located:

Sometimes we are asked about our location, where our business address is and which country / countries we operate from. For security and confidentiality reasons this is not something that we are permitted to answer for obvious reasons. All our consumers and clients need to know is that we are owned and operated by professional personnel in a clean sterile environment. We operate worldwide and have domestic suppliers in most countries meaning your products will be shipped locally as much as possible.

Contact Us:

Just because many of the customers we supply may be prescribed these items and used under medical supervision, and or are experienced in using these products, this does not mean we offer no advice or support to any of our customers. Any customer may ask for advice on any matter that might be of concern before or after a purchase. We welcome any questions or queries, and we will answer your by email promptly 5-7 days a week.  We will respond within 24 hours excluding weekends and public holidays; please allow 48 hours during public holidays & weekends and also consider the time zone differences. Just click our contact us page. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: 

Once a customer creates an order with us they tend to stick with us indefinetly. We often include free items with our long term clients orders complements of us for their loyalty.  Our service our products are second to none offering the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing possible and we are happy to have numerous long term loyal & confidential clients.